What is your
raison d’être*?

I believe that in work (and in life), the best way to approach things is with a whole picture view. Nothing exists in isolation and even the smallest projects benefit from taking a step back and examining the ecosystem. I approach my work with empathy, zest and infinite curiosity.

*reason for being


Compile insights and recommendations on everything from a product’s greater context in the marketplace to the multitude of micro interactions that exist within it

Identify and present solutions that bridge the gap between the user’s needs and the business’s needs

Create beautiful designs and seamless interactions

Pitch and present viable and economic solutions to stakeholders


Art direction


Competitive analysis

Journey mapping


Market research

Task flows

Pitch deck creation

Product analysis



Visual design

User testing

*And a little bit of css, writing, and photography

Key Tools

Adobe Creative Suite



*And also sometimes Axure, Balsamiq, Marvel, Principal, and WordPress

Recent Clients

General Assembly

Pacific Magazines

Seven West Media

Southern Cross Austereo

My work is a passion in my lifenot a precursor to it – and I pride myself on choosing projects that I’m able to fully immerse myself in with clients that share the enthusiasm.

Have any questions? Want more details? Feel free to get in touch /

hola@alexishi.com | linkedin.com/in/alexishi

Currently in

Bondi, Sydney