My passion for creating great experiences extends to my personal life as well. I’ve spent the last few years engineering my life with the same philosophies and skills I use in my work. Always researching, testing, learning and ready to iterate.

It’s taken me from Canada to Costa Rica to Bali to Australia (soon to be proud citizen), where I’ve worked contract and freelance (often remotely) and allowed me to be a part of a variety of awesome projects with big clients.



Sometimes teacher’s assistant for General Assembly‘s part-time User Experience course


200HR registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia. Created Yin + Din, a workshop series I run when home in Sydney.

The rest…

Et. al

Rounding out my day-to-days are yoga (asana & philosophy), surfing, swimming, and hiking.

I have a voracious appetite for health podcasts, yoga teacher trainings, and anything to do with the ocean.

Myers Briggs

Usually an ENFP (The Campaigner), but every so often an ENFJ (The Protagonist).